Weleda Organic Birch Juice, 250ml

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In spring, to rediscover balance and vitality, a cleansing programme is often recommended. 

Manufactured by a process which maintains the maximum content of the active components, Organic Birch Juice gently supports the cleansing processes of the body. 

The skin can also benefit from this programme, helping to purify the complexion to leave the skin looking clear and healthy. 

A cleansing programme is recommended in the spring and autumn, and as an ideal complement to a diet regime.


Aqueous extract of birch leaves*(94%), Lemon Juice**(6%). 

* From certified controlled collection
** Biodynamically grown


Dilute a tablespoonful in water or tea 2-3 times daily. 

Alternatively dilute the same amount of juice (30ml) in a large bottle of mineral water to consume during the day. 3-6 weeks treatment is recommended to cleanse the system. 

Shake before use.

Weleda Organic Birch Juice, 250ml - NZ Health StoreWeleda Organic Birch Juice, 250ml - NZ Health Store