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Enjoy sulphite reduced wine with UBfree’s scientifically-proven formula. It’s the healthy choice. If you experience negative effects after drinking wine or are sulphite intolerant, UBfree maybe for you. This dropper bottle will neutralise free sulphites in approximately 20 standard glasses of red wine. Simply add 6 drops into a glass of red wine. Swirl and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Enjoy sulphite free wine!

Pack contains 1 x 8ml dropper bottle. SAVE: Twin Packs are also available for purchase.

UBfree, the healthy choice!


UBfree is 100% naturally organic and meets the Food Safety Regulations for New Zealand and Australia.


1. Add 6 drops to a standard glass of wine
2. Swirl and wait for approximately 30 seconds
3. Enjoy your sulphite reduced wine!

*UBfree reduces the free sulphur dioxide and the bound sulpher dioxide by varying amounts depending on the wines composition. UBfree may help you enjoy wine again, however please be aware that individual results may vary.

About sulphites in wine

Sulphur Dioxide may cause allergic like reactions in all types of people. Often people will say “I just cant handle wine the same as I used to”.

Sulphites are a preservative designed to lock oxygen out of the wine to keep it in a pristine condition. For some people the problem begins when they consume sulphites and they have an inability to process sulphites effectively.

The body’s natural defence system combats these sulphites in a variety of ways, one of which is to release histamines and, as in most allergic reactions, it is the histamines that can cause allergy-like symptoms – not the sulphites themselves.

Symptoms of sulphite ingestion can vary dramatically from person to person, although the most common is headaches, hot flushes, rashes, sickness and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). More acute symptoms are tightening of the skin, the restriction of breathing and closing of the throat and lungs. People who suffer from asthma are more susceptible to allergic reactions due to sulphites in wine.

Will the taste be altered?

During the testing of the product our Oenologist made some tasting comments “It’s like you have taken an old flabby wine and made it young again… the taste is brighter, fresher… the tannins have become smoother… the fruit notes have become more dominant.”

Everyone has their own taste preferences.  We believe that in the case of low cost wine and sulphite-heavy wines, UBfree actually improves the taste by bringing out the more fruity and woody aspects of a young vintage. It does this by rapidly aging the wine in a matter of seconds. You can actually liken it to having your wine instantly cellared!

UB Free Red Wine Preservative Neutraliser Drops, 8ml - NZ Health StoreUB Free Red Wine Preservative Neutraliser Drops, 8ml - NZ Health Store