Teach Your Child To Sleep by Mandy Gurney & Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic

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The highly-acclaimed Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic has a 97 per cent success rate in resolving children's sleep problems. Discover how to get your baby or child to settle easily and sleep through the night with step-by-step advice that gets right to the heart of the problem. From your child needing a feed in the night to night-waking, this book covers a range of situations, using gentle and persuasive methods. Adapt the programme to your circumstances and see good results in 2-3 weeks. This edition of Teach Your Child to Sleep has been significantly revised to reflect current practice in parenting, with a new design and more than half of the photography refreshed.

About Mandy Gurney (sleep expert)

Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic (Author) Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic was founded by health professionals Mandy Gurney and Tracey Marshall, and has offered sleep training and acted as consultants to NHS Trusts on sleep since 2007. Their highly successful techniques have featured in a number of television programmes. Mandy Gurney (Author) Founder of Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic, Mandy Gurney (RGN, RM, Dip HV) has been advising on baby, toddler, school-aged and young people's sleep issues for almost 30 years. Commissioned by the NHS and Ireland since 2007, Mandy set up and now delivers sleep workshops for health professionals across the UK and Ireland, whilst mentoring NHS trusts in their own sleep clinics. Mandy is a keynote speaker presenting at The Baby Show London and The Baby & Toddler Show. She also delivers sleep seminars for parents in the workplace and at schools both mainstream and specialized for children with profound learning difficulties. Mandy is asked to write for online parenting sites such as HuffPost and Mumfidential and she is frequently asked to give expert comment on both television and radio. She is the sleep expert and adviser for a number of household brands and companies, including the BBC, Mothercare, Made for Mums, Gro Company and Essential Parent. Mandy is the author of The Bedtime Book (Ladybird, 2016), a book on sleep in association with the popular children's television programme In the Night Garden and two previous editions of the sleep bible Teach Your Child to Sleep (Hamlyn, 2005, 2016), which has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and been translated into ten different languages. Mandy is the mother of two children, who inspired her to start this journey more than 25 years ago.

Teach Your Child To Sleep by Mandy Gurney & Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic