Native Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil

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Naturally nourish your skin and hair with Native Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil. This 100% raw and cold-pressed oil is certified organic and free of Aflatoxins. Enjoy the benefits of neem oil for healthy, hydrated skin and lustrous hair.

  • Native Neem 100% Pure Raw and Cold Pressed Neem Oil 250ml
  • Certified organic and pure. It does not contain any Aflatoxins.


Azadirachta Indica (Neem) oil is derived from the organic kernels (seeds) of the Neem tree.

To Use:

Apply directly to affected area.

Which Neem Oil To Use?

Know the difference between Native Neem 100% pure Neem oil and commercial Neem oil for garden use. Commercial Neem oil is emulsified to make it water-soluble for use in the home garden. We have both oils available. For personal and health care purposes we recommend Native Neem Organic Certified 100% Pure Neem Oil and for your home garden, use Native Neem Organic Certified Emulsified Neem Oil also known as Native Neem Neem Oil Insecticide.

Native Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil, 250ml - NZ Health StoreNative Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil