Native Neem Organic Neem, Natural Spray & Wipe, 500ml

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Product Description
Native Neem organic neem multi purpose cleaner is BioGro certified and its environmentally friendly and does not contain any harsh chemicals, synthetics or alcohol. It is safe to touch, 100% Biodegradable and not tested on animals. Germs are becoming more resistant to antibiotic across the globe. These germs are called superbugs. If we use more chemicals and drugs in cleaners, we’re likely to create more superbugs. However we can avoid this by using a more natural approach like neem. Neem is different, it has natural antibacterial and antiviral qualities, which is supported by and modern science, and has been used for centuries. Native Neem neem multi-purpose cleaner is certified organic. It can be used on kitchen surfaces, floors, tiles, showers, white wares, porcelain, chrome and wooden surfaces without the worry of creating superbugs. It is also suitable for septic tank.
Kitchen surfaces, floors, tiles, bathrooms, showers, white ware, porcelain, chrome and wooden surfaces
  • Good for your septic tank
  • Contains No Chemicals
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No synthetics 
  • 100% Natural 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Antiviral 
  • No alcohol
  • BioGro Certified


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