Native Neem Organic Neem Capsules, 120 Caps

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Product Description
Native Neem’s Organic Neem Capsule has a long list of “antis” including: Anti inflammatory, anti arthritic, anti pyretic, anti gastric, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti tumour, anti histamine, anti complements, anti carcinogenic, and anti anxiety properties. Neem leaf has 357 per gram ORAC value (anti oxidants).
Healing Benefits Of Neem
About 50 years ago, when researchers first began looking at Neem, they carefully detailed the biological activities of its various parts. That literature unfortunately is not available except in specialized medical libraries.
Current reports generally note that Neem is recognized as being of benefit for a long list of ‘antis’ including:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-arthritic
• Anti-pyretic (fever)
• Anti-gastric (ulcer)
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-viral
• Anti-tumour
• Anti-histamine
• Anti-complement (similar to antioxidant)
• Anti-carcinogenic
• Anti-anxiety
Product Contains:
1. Contain 100% Neem Leaf Powder
2. 100% organic and GE free
3. 100% vegan/vegetarian capsules. No filler, binders or common allergens
4. No artificial colours, flavors or preservatives added
5. Contains 120 capsules
6. Contains 500mg per capsul

As an immune system energizer take 2 capsules daily morning and evening with food and water.
Native Neem Organic Neem Capsules, 120 Caps