Native Neem Organic Neem and Seaweed Liquid Fertiliser, 250ml

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Product Description
Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser is a unique formulation for all crops and was derived after many trials on Indian farms. It is a biological product and the formulation has been scientifically tested to ensure optimum results.
Organic Certified Neem Oil, Seaweed, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and other natural vegetable origin products are used.
Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser provides the full range of trace elements and growth stimulants in a form that plants can easily absorb directly through their leaves. Native Neem Liquid Fertilser has a natural anti-drought agent with excellent bio-stimulation activity. With the powder of fermented seaweed and neem, it works as a regular pest/insect controller as well as providing essential micro nutrients to the plants. Seaweed, Humic and Fulvic combustion after fermentation releases enormous energy in the form of soluble nutrients and provides nutritional support to the plant at all stages in crop life cycle.
Spray on lawns, flowers and vegetables to be treated.
Foliar application: Add 3ml to 5ml of Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser to 1 litres of water and use for spraying. 
It is compatible with most pesticides available in the market.
Basal application: 1000ml of Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser is recommended for an acre (0.404 hectares) through irrigation system. 
It is compatible with many fertilisers and micro-nutrients. 
Spray on fruits, leaves, soil every 7-14 days.

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