Sleep Support

We Supply Natural Sleep Support With Phyto melatonin

Our sleep support products offer solutions for those concerned about the side effects over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs may have. The phyto- or plant melatonin in our products support regular sleeping patterns and restorative rest for babies, children, and adults.

How Can Our Plant-Derived Melatonin Sleep Support Help You?

  • The pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin that controls your sleep cycle. Our bodies start making the natural hormone that acts on inner receptors to encourage sleep just after it gets dark. The cycle peaks in the early morning hours and reduces during daylight.
  • Do you find it necessary to add to the supply your body produces because you struggle to fall asleep, awake frequently when you should be in dreamland, or it is difficult to doze off again after waking up in the middle of the night?
  • Our cost-effective Montmorency Tru2U sweet and tart Cherry Juices are available in original, double strength, and concentrate. They contain phytomelatonin, tryptophan and procyanidins that offer natural sleep support. These elements can help you relax, doze off and may improve the quality of your slumber.
  • Melatonin contains antioxidants that support the immune system, balance hormone levels, increase energy levels, help tired muscles and joints, and assist with weight management. It is suitable for diabetes patients because of a low glycaemic index of 54, while pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not experience any adverse side effects.

This product range contains no gluten, dairy, nuts, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colouring agents, and we test each batch at an independent lab for more than 200 agricultural residues.

Wake Up Rested Every Morning With Our Sleep Support Tablets

You may experience disrupted sleep patterns when you undergo stress and anxiety, travel, perform shift work, or lack sunshine that causes circadian rhythm disorders.

  • Our capsules and tablets can help you fall asleep easier, sleep deeper, and for longer. Try them if you have insomnia caused by disturbing dreams, discomfort, or pain.
  • Consider our Ethical Nutrients Triple Action Sleep Support tablets containing the traditional herbs lavender, California poppy, and Ziziphus or jujube. These herbs also support the treatment of liver ailments, skin conditions, digestive and circulatory problems, and inflammation.
  • Tranquillising Ziziphus is a sedative that relieves tension, sleep, and panic disorders.
  • People have used the California poppy for its tranquillising and mild pain reduction properties for a long time. Lavender is another folk medicine traditionally used to combat depression and the other conditions that cause insomnia.

Why not experiment with our treatments free of anything that may cause an allergic reaction and awake filled with vim and vigour every morning?

NZ Health Store Only Supplies Harmless Natural Remedies

Our New Zealand-owned and operated company provides top-quality products that do not contain hidden or harmful ingredients. We list everything on the antidotes we supply so you and your loved ones can stay safe and healthy.

Enquire or order online if you wish to use ethically sourced products we gladly recommend.

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