Eco Cleaning Cloths

Eco Cleaning Cloths That are Kind to the Environment and Your Pocket

With preserving the environment being so critical, we all need to contribute in any way we can. Using products that are sustainably and ethically manufactured is a good start. Households go through many cloths and various cleaning products to keep kitchens, bathrooms, and the rest of the house clean. We supply a range of eco-cleaning cloths that are not only great for cleaning all surfaces but don’t require cleaning agents.

Eco Cloths for all Surfaces of Your Home

We stock the E-Cloth brand with options for each room in your home and various surfaces. E-Cloths’ microfibre cloths are durable and come with a three-year or 300 wash guarantee. They are highly absorbent and will save you on paper towels which helps the environment. Another bonus for the environment and your pocket is that these cloths remove thick grease, grime, soap scum, dust, and 99 percent of bacteria with only water. Simply wash your E-Cloth in the washing machine to ready it for the next round of cleaning.

  • For the kitchen, we supply cleaning cloths that also come with scouring pockets for more stubborn dirt, grease, and sticky substances. The glass and polishing cloths are highly absorbent, removing light grease and finger marks from glass and stainless steel, leaving no streaks behind. The non-scratch scouring cloth has a smooth side for general cleaning that absorbs water quickly and a unique scrubbing surface on the other side for removing stubborn grease and dirt from pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces.
  • The E-Cloth Bathroom set comes with a microfibre cloth for cleaning and another for polishing. Simply dampen the cleaning cloth and wipe over ceramics, tile, glass, and chrome. Afterwards, use the polishing cloth to dry the surfaces and remove any remaining light grease, finger marks, and streaks.
  • The fibres of the E-Cloth dusters have a unique natural positive charge that attracts and locks in the dust while removing grease and grime from hard surfaces when dampened. A dry E-Cloth duster attracts and traps dust, pollen, and pet hair in the extra-long and extra-fine fibres from wood, glass, granite, and leather. A must-have for people with allergies.

Our Range of Biodegradable Cleaning Cloths

The Swedish super-absorbent Wet It cloths are light and can absorb 15 times their weight and more liquid than 16 sheets of paper towel. They also outperform regular cotton cloths and sponges.

  • Use them to wash dishes, wipe counters, clean windows, polish chrome, shine mirrors, and dust surfaces.
  • These cloths are reusable and generally last at least six months. They are easily cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher, in the washing machine, or by microwaving wet for two minutes.
  • They are 100 percent biodegradable, decomposing within six weeks in the compost or 16 weeks in a commercial landfill.

Healthy Lifestyle Cleaning Products from NZ Health Store

Consider our E-Cloth range for chemical-free cleaning and our Wet It biodegradable cloths for efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthy cleaning solutions. With no need for harsh cleaning products and biodegradable cloths, you are playing your part in saving the environment for future generations.

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