Basic Supplement Plan

Basic Supplement Plan
As a nutritional therapist I often get asked “what supplements should I take?” or  “If you had to pick only one supplement what would it be?”.
I realise that most people must feel bombarded by information from many different sources about what they should and should not take. So I am going to run through what I consider to be a good basic supplement plan.

However I would add that in order to get the most benefit from nutritional supplements it is a good idea to find a professional who can create a plan tailored to your specific needs.
1. A Multivitamin and Mineral
This will provide a safety net of basic nutrients so that if your diet is less than optimum you will be filling in the gaps.  It is generally agreed and supported by studies that natural foods these days (even organic) do not contain the same high levels of nutrients that they used to due to depletion of the nutrients in the soil they are grown in.

You can find a selection under our Multivitamin section or choose from the following recommendations:

• Men/Sports People/Teenagers   -  Solgar VM2000

• Women/Teenagers    -  Solgar Omnium

• Adult Powdered Supplement  -  Clinicians Multi Vitamin & Mineral

• Young Children    -  Biocare Kids Complete Complex or Solgar Kangavites Chewables

(Please note with teenagers to adapt the dose in line with their body weight.)

2. An Essential Fatty Acid Supplement (also referred to as an Omega Supplement or Fish Oil)
• Men/Women/Older Children -  Equazen EyeQ or one of the Nordic Naturals range.  Equazen is good for those who prefer a smaller capsule, Nordic Naturals also comes in a concentrated liquid form.  Both are excellent quality supplements. It is particularly important to buy a quality omega supplement as inferior ones are a burden to the body as it struggles to process them.

• Younger Children – Equazen EyeQ Strawberry Chews or Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA are two firm favourites.

3. An Antioxidant
Antioxidants are mainly found in the more colourful fresh fruit and vegetables and are natures way of fighting free radical damage in the body. In the southern hemisphere we are particularly prone to damage from the sun's rays making an antioxidant particularly important.

• Adults/Children over 6  - Lifestream Acai Supreme Antioxidant in powder or capsules

4. Vitamin C
This is the supplement I would pick if I had to select just one. Vitamin C has so many actions within the body i.e. immune boosting, anti-oxidant, collagen formation, anti inflammatory, natural laxative, anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal to name a few.

• Adults/Children - Naturopathsown Daily Vitamin C powder or LivOn Lypospheric Vit. C

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