Weleda Hypericum Massage Oil, 50ml

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We can proudly state that this is perhaps the most beautiful product available on the market to help soothe back and nerve pain! It is estimated that in Australia over 5 million days are lost from work because of back pain. Hypericum Massage Oil helps relieve back pains, nerve root irritation and muscular rheumatism. It does this by soothing the inflammation in the nerve endings and then helps stimulate the formation of regenerated tissue. The oil helps back pain that is the result of a nerve problem, for example a spinal problem, disc problem, where a back nerve is being pinched, or pressure on the nerve etc. For this reason, Hypericum is called the Arnica of the nerves. Where back pain is caused by strained muscles, Arnica Massage Oil is more effective.


Each 1g contains: Almond and Sesame Oil extract equiv. fresh flower: Hypericum perforatum 190mg: and essential oils: Lavender Oil 25mg; Siam Benzoin and/or Sumatra Benzoin 18.5mg; Absolue Labdanum Oil 5mg; Rose Oil 1.5mg.



Warm a small amount of oil in hands and gently massage over the body, using smooth rhythmical movements. Gently massage into the affected area 3 - 4 times daily in the acute stage and 1 - 2 times daily as the condition improves. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

This entirely natural product contains no antioxiodants or preservatives. To maintain product quality, use within six months of opening and store in a cool, dark place below 30° C.

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