Weleda A.G.E 30c, 100 tablets or 30ml drops

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A.G.E homoeopathic from Weleda®. Available in 30C tablet and liquid strength.
A.G.E is a combination of arsenicum album, gelsemium and eupatorium perfoliatum, which may help activate the body's immune response to winter ailments in adults.

A.G.E provides ideal immune support for use at the first sign of symptoms. Unlike most conventional medicines, which work directly against diseases and their symptoms, homoeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s own natural defence systems, thus enabling a completely natural healing response.

You can ready more about homoeopathy here

While there are a few homoeopathic remedies which can almost always be recommended for certain conditions, such as arnica for muscular bruising, in most cases remedies should be matched to the individual, not the problem. Homoeopaths use the analogy of the onion; as more layers are exposed different symptoms appear, allowing a more complete picture of an individual to be built up. Thus the homoeopath can more accurately recommend the right remedy to assist in facilitating a healing response.

For this reason we strongly recommend consulting a qualified homoeopath before purchasing this product.


Arsenicum iodatum 30c
Gelsemium 30c
Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c

In water/ethanol base


Adults and Children: Dissolve 2 tablets in the mouth four times daily at least 15 minutes before meals, or as directed. 

In acute cases, repeat 1/4 to 1/2 hourly for up to 6 doses. Reduce the frequency of doses and then stop taking the remedy as relief is obtained.

Weleda A.G.E 30c, 100 tablets or 30ml drops - NZ Health Store