Stainless Steel Soap Block Dock Soap Holder

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Note: this is Stainless Steel and not painted Aluminium.

The Wide Block Dock vertical soap dish:
- fits bars up to 4cm in depth (the shortest side of your bar) 
- is a good fit for bars of all shapes and sizes including SimpleNakedSoap bars and Fair + Square Soapery bars 
- comes with a suction cup to enable wall mounting
- made from unpolished stainless steel

Designed for quick draining and all side air flow, your bar will dry faster and last longer – you will get better value from every bar and over time you will buy fewer of them. The Block DockTM not only rewards you every day with an always solid bar that is a pleasure to use, but also with the savings you’ll make over a lifetime with bars.


Material & Directions

If your bar is extra wide, long or heavy it’s easier to use and lasts longer if cut in two.

The Block DockTM soap dish is made in 304 Stainless Steel to suit bathroom conditions and comes in a matt finish. With industrial styling, it will last a lifetime and always look good so long as you give it a clean and complete dry, ideally each week. You can put it in the dishwasher if you have one but leave the suction cup out.

Be sure to place your Block DockTM and bar outside the direct spray of the water. In the shower, adhering it behind the shower rose is a good idea, and in the bath, basin or sink it works very well being suctioned to the back of the sink out of the way of tap water. Your surfaces can stay clean and clear and any immediate residue from bar use goes straight down the drain while your water is likely still running.

A suction cup comes with the Block DockTM. When wet, it will adhere to almost all smooth, non-porous bathroom surfaces. There’s a tag to lift when you want to remove it, otherwise it will stay put. If your surface won't suction, try a 3M wet/dry strip or flat head screws if it suits your situation. Or thread a cable tie through the eyelets in the back and fasten onto the shower rail or other fixture.

Minimalist styling means multiple Block Docks comfortably coexist in your spaces. It’s designed to help you move to bars for everything you reasonably can, thus saving an enormous amount of plastic waste in your lifetime. And it makes it easily possible for everyone to have their own bars, so won’t have to share your favourite soap!

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