Salud Colloidal Silver ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine Roll-On, 10ml

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Product Description
Keeping your thyroid levels of Iodine at optimal levels not only allows this gland to properly regulate your metabolic rate but prevents the absorption of the radioactive isotope Iodine 131 when nuclear events/emissions occur.  Comes in an easy no-mess roll-on applicator. 

Fading colour on skin within a day gives clear indication of deficiency and consequent absorption. Reapply until colour doesn’t fade within 24 hours. 

Natural Mineral Supplementation with Transdermal Preparations 
Both Colloidal and Transdermal are the forms to remember in terms of cutting-edge absorption of essential minerals and trace elements. While colloidal forms offer superior assimilation through the digestive tract, transdermal preparations are the new wave in effective, uniform and safe absorption through the pores of the skin. 

People vary greatly in their ability to utilise typical oral formulations yet they generally absorb minerals quickly and effectively through the pores, especially the soles of the feet. 

A significant advantage is a perfectly tailored dosage for every individual at the particular point in time of ingestion, since the body ceases to absorb natural substances through the skin when optimal internal levels have been reached. 

All factors considered, transdermal preparations are the simplest, most direct, safest and most cost-effective mineral supplementation available today.

Salud Colloidal Silver ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine Roll-On, 10ml - NZ Health Store