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Made from wood sourced from sustainable forestry, and 100% synthetic materials, our new shadow brushes are 100% certified vegan. Not only are they ethical but beauty-fashioned too. With high bristle and softness. To work smoothly with their eye shadow-partners. As none of our brushes are made from animal products, they’re also cruelty-free. No need to brush away a tear. 

How to use the Eyeshadow Brush for a flawless eyeshadow application:
Our vegan shadow brush is specifically designed to apply the exact amount of eyeshadow to both eyes (well-prepared and smoothed by La Mav Ultra Firm Eye Gel, of course, for less-firm eyelids) - lids and even up to the brow. It’s also just right (and left) for eye-lighting the area under the brow bones.

Cleansing’s important – don’t brush that off!
To protect your brush, cleanse regularly, using a chemical-free shampoo or a La Mav cleanser. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear, and place on the side to dry naturally.   

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Vegan, sustainably made, absolutely no animal products
  • High bristle count allows for a consistent application and easy colour blending

Follow the Press, Tap and Blend technique:
  • Twirl your brush into eye shadow
  • Lightly tap off excess
  • You can apply from lash all the way to brow
  • Repeat with the next colour shade if desired
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