La Mav Vegan Angle Brush

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Sustainably made and vegan friendly, the vegan angle brush is perfect for applying our Vegan Eyeshadows as an eyeliner. Made from 100% synthetic materials for high bristle and softness, it’s beauty-fashioned for crease-ease and eye tight-corners.

How to use the Angle Brush for a perfect application:
  • Dip the angled side of the brush into eyeshadow
  • Don’t forget to tap off excess
  • Apply with the angled side horizontally into the crease.
  • When shaping the outer corners, sweep the angled side downward, in the direction of the lashes.
  • Rotate the brush to flat side up and then apply colour to the crease moving back and forth.

Cleansing’s important!
To protect your brush, cleanse regularly, using a chemical-free or certified organic shampoo or facial cleanser. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear. And place on the side to dry naturally.

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Absolutely zero animal products and sustainably produced
  • Perfect for accurate application of eyeshadow and/or eyeliner
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