Good Medicine by Patrick Holford

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30 years of clinical and research experience has taught Patrick what really works for the most common health problems we experience. In Good Medicine he covers over 75 of the most common health problems and offers simple things you can do to prevent or reverse that health condition. They are all tried and tested and have been proven to work, both in clinical research but also in practice, with people like you.


  • Why we get sick and why a natural approach makes sense
  • How to prevent or reverse over 75 common health problems
  • Best and worst foods – which foods you should eat and those you should avoid
  • Which supplements are the most appropriate for each condition

"Yet another essential and definitive book by this respected author… I must say I feel safer having this book on my shelf!" - Kindred Spirit

"...this book is illuminating and absorbing to read. The perfect guide to natural approaches to health." - Cygnus Review

"It's an essential read for anyone interested in natural therapies or for those who have tried, and failed, to treat ongoing problems." -
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