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The Go Bamboo toothbrush comes in adult and child sizes. The handle is made of natural bamboo (not a bamboo laminate) sealed with an edible wax. The bristles are soft to medium stiffness, dual length, sharpened bristle, made from nylon 4 (see below for further information), and they clean your teeth really well. The toothbrush comes packaged in a sealed recycled cardboard box.

Customise your toothbrush:

Because the Go Bamboo toothbrush does not come in a variety of colours, you need to customise your toothbrush to differentiate yours from others in the household. We recommend writing your name in pencil on the handle, or being creative and decorating your toothbrush to suit your personality. Please send photographs of your toothbrush artwork. We will create a gallery and there will be spot prizes for each month's best work.

Disposing of your toothbrush:

When you’ve finished with your toothbrush you can put it to another use, like cleaning your bike or jewellery. When it’s really done its dash, shave the bristles off and recycle.
The handle will break down eventually in compost. 

"Using a child's toothbrush handle and the E string from a guitar, I made a bobbin threader for my son's fly-tying kit. Let loose your imagination."

"Stick it in the compost and it will go eventually. My favorite method to date is to nail it vertically into the lawn, gone! Get creative, in fact for the most creative second use/disposal method (send photos plans and instructions) we will give you free toothbrushes for a year. That's 6 if you change it every 6-8 weeks as recommended."

Please note:

*The cost is for an individual toothbrush
*Go Bamboo have changed from a biodegradable bristle to a non biodegradable bristle. The packaging was changed to reflect this.

Go Bamboo - Toothbrush - NZ Health StoreGo Bamboo - Toothbrush - NZ Health Store