ECOtanka thermoTANKA, 2L

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ThermoTANKA 2L is ideal for the whole family and is the perfect bottle for all outdoor activities, especially for those working outdoors.

The thermoTANKA 2L can be filled with ice and your preferred drink to keep it cold all day.  This holds a volume of 2 litres (8 standard size glasses), and measure approximately 268mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area. 

The thermoTANKA 2L shares the same lid size as the megaTANKA single wall bottle which gives you 2 lid types, poly spout lid and full stainless steel lid.  The 2-litre range is the only bottles that do not fit the standard ECOtanka lid range.

The vacuum properties of the thermoTANKA 2L can keep your drink hot for 7.5-10+ hours, cold for 7-8+ hours or longer depending on lid type, how often the lid is removed, outside temperatures and by adding ice.

Lid Options: 

The 2L MEGA PP lid is a big lid that has been well designed for this bottle size.  The lid has a good grip all the way around the lid so you can get it tight to make sure it is sealed.  The spout has been designed so you can pour or drink directly from the bottle and the spout stopper/cover has a second seal that is easy to click lock so the spout will not leak.  Also, the cover folds completely back which makes drinking directly from the bottle easier.

The 2L MEGA Stainless Steel lid is an alternative to the 2L MEGA PP lid.  This lid is a 100% pure stainless steel that fits over the outer rim of the bottle along with a wide pure stainless steel handle for easy holding.

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