Absolute Essential Vetiver (Organic), 5ml

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Product Description

This oil has a rich, grounding scent that can be used to encourage relaxed sexuality. It can also be used in deep tissue massage to help release constricting tension in the body. When blended, Vetiver acts as a strong base that can extend the effects of the top notes of other oils. Blends well with: Clary Sage, Pepper Black, Geranium and Ginger.


  • Tension Relief
    To help release deep-rooted tension add 3 drops of Vetiver to your massage blend and massage into the body. For this purpose it blends especially well with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint & Basil.
  • Iron levels
    Vetiver has been shown to support healthy levels of red blood cells. Diffuse 3 drops of vetiver oil 3-4 times daily for a week to 10 days. Blend with Spruce or Orange for easy diffusing and to improve the scent. This may be particularly beneficial in the management of anaemia.
  • Falling Asleep
    To support the natural processes involved in falling asleep easily, add 3 drops of Vetiver and 5 drops of Lavender to a diffuser, bath or pulse points just before bed. For a more potent version, blend 4 drops Vetiver, 2 drops Roman Chamomile, 4 drops Lavender and apply to the wrists and the back of the neck immediately before bed.
  • Sexual Desire
    Vetiver can be used to help create an intimate atmosphere which enhances relaxation and sensuality. Add 5 drops to a diffuser or the bath or blend 3 drops Vetiver with 6 drops Ylang Ylang for additional benefits.

Traditional and Historical Information

Vetiver is a perennial grass that is native to India. It is now widely cultivated in other tropical regions of the world including Haiti, Java and Reunion for the fragrant essential oil that is distilled from its roots. Due to its fixative properties, Vetiver is used in most of the western worlds high end perfumes. It has also been employed in traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa. The root and its essential oil were used to alleviate thirst, heatstroke, fevers and headache. It was also believed to relieve inflammatory disorders of the joints and skin. In Oriental medicine, Vetiver has been said to nourish, calm and uplift the emotions due to its strengthening and grounding properties. The circulatory and immune systems have also been linked as beneficiaries of Vetiver therapeutic support. Vetiver has also been promoted as a relaxant and an aphrodisiac.

Safety Considerations

Safe if used as directed. If ingested, drink milk and seek advice. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Please Note

Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.
Absolute Essential Vetiver (Organic), 5ml