Healthy Gut

80% of the human immune system is located in the digestive system.  Research indicates that our gastro intestinal tract affects our mental health as well as our immune system.  Your digestive system is vital to your health and wellbeing.


The gastro intestinal tract (gut) is responsible for the absorption of nutrients from our food. The liver, bladder and bowel for the elimination of waste from our bodies. There can be many reasons why food is not processed through the gut efficiently. Sometimes the wall of the gut becomes damaged due to an imbalance of bacteria and yeasts. This means food particles can pass through the gut wall as larger molecules, causing food allergies or intolerances to develop. 

Stomach acid can be too low allowing bacteria and/or parasites into your body. Nutritional imbalances or side effects of medication can cause sluggish peristaltic movement through the intestines, affecting nutrient absorption and causing toxin accumulation.  

Whatever the problem there are certain supplements that may add some calmess and support to your symptoms.



Before you start with any nutritional strategy it may be a good idea to add a supplement to heal and support the bowel.  Lifestream Bowel Biotics + Aloe Soothe Powder is excellent for this job. The amino acid glutamine can also help as it is a healer and fuel for the gut.  Identify any food triggers for your issues by keeping a food diary and eliminate those foods for a while whilst you work on healing and re-stocking your gut with good bacteria.

A symptom people normally feel embarrassed about is anal fissures. These can be a  side effect of an imbalanced gut/bowel and much more common than people think. Basically the area around the anus becomes sore and has trouble healing.  Weleda Weather Protection Cream is perfect for soothing, sealing and healing this sensitive area.


Stress can play havoc with digestion so reduce yours as much as possible.  See our literature page on the 'breathing exercise'.  This type of breathing has been proven to calm the mind and physiology of the body including your digestion.  Bach Flower Remedies, can be effective for some at offsetting stress and are extremely gentle. Click the link for the questionnaire to work out which are the essences you most need.  Stress can deplete your B Vitamins to replenish these try Ethical Nutrients Super B Daily Stress.  


After a course of anti biotics bad bacteria, microbes or yeasts may move into the body.  They opportunistically use the space left by the bad bacteria that has been removed.  To avoid this choose a good quality probiotic to restock with the 'good' bacteria. 

If you think you may have already picked up an imbalance of gut bacteria that is causing you some digestive/bowel problems then you may need an anti microbial like Allicinmax (active allicin sometimes known as natures antibiotic followed by Ethical Nutrients IBS Support as the probiotic.


Low stomach acid can be part of the problem and often the symptoms mimic too much acid, see our literature page on Acid Reflux where you will find a home test.


Fresh ginger in food or as a tea can help to relieve gas pains.  There are also some excellent therapeutic tulsi teas for the digestion.  

Herbs that can be helpful are chamomile, melissa(balm), rosemary and valerian which all have anti spasmodic properties.  They help relieve and expel gas, strengthen and tone the stomach and soothe pain.

Please note – This information is not designed to prescribe or treat in any way, if your symptoms persist, please see your healthcare professional.

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