Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing
Dry skin brushing is a great way to stimulate the body into detoxifying itself.  Skin is the largest organ of detoxification within and around the body.  Make it a regular daily routine.
Benefits of Skin Brushing
1. Help remove of cellulite and dead skin cells
2. Cleansing the lymphatic system.
3. Strengthening of the immune system.
4. Tightening the skin and preventing premature aging.
5. Toning the muscles and stimulating your bodies circulation.
6. Stimulating and improving the function of the nervous system.
7. Helping digestive function.

How to Dry Skin Brush
• Always use a light pressure
• Skin must be dry to do a brush.
• Brush sensitive areas lightly. You know you’re brushing too hard if it hurts.
• Brush areas like your legs and arms with a firmer touch.
• Use circular or long brushing strokes depending on the area of the body.
• Lightly brush each area with just a few strokes. This should be enough to give that area a reddish or pink color.


• Brush wet skin or your face.
• Brush cut, sunburned, irritated, or bruised areas.

1. When your skin is dry, preferably first thing in the morning or before you take a shower on bare skin. Use a long handled bristle brush.
2. Brush the bottom of each foot then continue lightly, yet vigorously up one leg to the hips.
3. Switch legs and brush up to the other hip. Always brush from the extremities towards the heart.
4. Finish the lower body by brushing each buttock.
5. Begin brushing the upper body by starting with the hands. Brush one hand starting with the palms and continuing to the chest then the other arm.
6. Now brush the torso, lightly brushing your stomach in a clockwise motion.
7. Brush your sides starting from the waist and brushing up to the armpits.
8. Brush your lower and middle back and shoulders and finish by brushing the chest and neck.
9. Follow your skin brushing session with a shower and then apply a good moisturizer, such as Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil.

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