Diatomaceous Earth

Have You Heard of Diatomaceous Earth?

With such a sophisticated name as Diatomaceous Earth (DE), you can be sure that this fossilised algae sand contains a natural product created over millions of years. This sand is made up of microscopic skeletons of algae that have been fossilised over millions of years, and it is rich in silica. This substance has many uses across several industries.

What You Need to Know About Diatomaceous Earth Powder

When something can be used as a detox and a natural insecticide, you must understand that it can be toxic if used incorrectly. When it comes to diatomaceous earth uses, it’s important to note that there are two different versions and that you use the right one for the proper application:

  • Food-grade DE. This product is the one you want to use in your home. This freshwater DE is perfect for enhancing the health of your plants and your pets, and it is 100% safe for consumption. It is only deadly to insects but not to your warm-blooded friends.
  • Filter-grade DE. As much as its counterpart is suitable for mammals, this one is toxic and at the opposite of the spectrum. Containing 60% silica, it is mainly used in water filtration systems, paint and TNT. So DO NOT get the two confused.
  • How it works. How is it, unlike most insecticides, not toxic to pets? As this substance has an excellent fluid absorption quality, the tiny, sharp particles that stick to the insect then sucks the moisture from their body, and they die from dehydration.

Freshwater DE is perfect for use in and around the home and will keep you and your pets safe while getting rid of unwanted critters.

Other Uses of DE Diatomaceous

We stock the food-grade fossil shell flour, and it is clearly stated on the packaging so that you know you supplement your pet’s food with the correct product. Except for skin, immunity, cholesterol, energy, weight loss, strong nails and shiny coats in animals, here are some other uses for your leftover food-grade DE:

  • Deodorant. DE has a similar odour neutralising effect as baking soda. You have an instant odour absorber by simply adding corn starch and coconut oil.
  • Facial mask. DE powder combined with milk, aloe vera gel and honey can make the perfect exfoliating mask as the DE attracts and absorbs all toxins from your face.
  • Bed bugs and fleas. One of the worst infestations you can have in your house is bed bugs. They can’t be treated with human and pet-safe toxins, but DE is safe to sprinkle and rub into your mattress seams to kill bed bugs and fleas.

Why Buy DE from the NZ Health Store

We are all for enhancing your daily life and well-being, so you can be sure that the DE and other health supplements, essential oils, Bach flowers remedies and detox products that we sell are all genuine and safe for your health and your pets.

Contact us if you want to order our food-grade DE powder.

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