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Authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey, independently tested, certified 500+ MGO / UMF™ 15+ and traceable back to the land block that produced it.

Light amber in colour, this 500+ MGO Mānuka honey is like biting into a rich caramel, with a bittersweet finish, and a dense, smooth texture that's spectacular spooned straight from the jar.

As this is a minimally processed food made by nature, slight variations in flavour, colour, or consistency are part of its beauty.

Size: 250g or 400g

Good for everyday wellbeing: Enjoy a teaspoon a day, either straight off the spoon or stirred into a warm drink or smoothie.

Packaging: We bottle all our Mānuka honey in glass, to keep it good as gold. Then it’s boxed in award-winning, eco-friendly cardboard packaging, to ensure your precious honey reaches you in tip top condition, with no need for polystyrene or bubble wrap. And every box is sealed at our packing facility with a tamper proof seal.


New Zealand Mānuka honey. Every batch is independently tested for its methylglyoxal levels. Store at room temperature, around 20°C in a cool, dark place, with the lid properly closed. No need to keep it in the fridge except in very hot or humid climates.
Nutritional Information 500+ MGO / 15+ UMF™


About The True Honey Co

New Zealand Mānuka honey you can trust

We only sell authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey rated 300 MGO and above. We’re involved in every part of the process from bee to you, and have every batch independently tested. So you can be sure True Honey Co. Mānuka honey is the highest quality, and exactly what it says on the jar.

Hives to home
We take extra special care at every step of the journey from our hives to your home.

Eyes on the hives
We wouldn't have honey without our landowner partners and the abundant Mānuka bush growing on their land. Our long-term partnerships with landowners are built on transparent, ethical practices and based on trust and mutual benefit.

Science, truth and beauty
When it comes to the science behind Mānuka honey, we don’t have all the answers yet. But scientists are still discovering amazing things about our favourite food. We promise to always share the truth of what we know, and what we do, with you.
1. The Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™) symbol measures unique signature compounds of authentic Mānuka honey, including Leptosperin, DHA and MGO. Every batch is independently analysed and certified for quality, purity and authenticity by the UMF™ Honey Association (Licence number: 2900) – which also randomly tests Mānuka honey to ensure carrying the UMF™ mark is true to what it says on the jar.
2. We use both trusted MGO and UMF™ grading systems. The higher those two numbers, the greater the Mānuka honey’s quality and purity. You know you’re getting the good stuff with The True Honey Co. because we only sell honey rated 300 MGO (UMF 11) and above.
3. The FernMark is your guarantee that our Mānuka honey is 100% NZ produced, harvested and bottled in New Zealand. (licence No.100086). AsureQuality independently audits every step of our supply chain from bee to you – ensuring each jar is safe and good to eat. Mānuka honey’s unique properties are well known, thanks partly to ground-breaking research by New Zealand scientist Dr Peter Molan MBE – who gave us his expert advice when we started. Learn more about the science.

Wild open spaces
This is Mānuka honey from somewhere far from anywhere. We place our hives in remote locations deep in New Zealand’s beautiful backcountry. To avoid damaging these precious native ecosystems, we even fly them in and out by helicopter.

It’s all about location
Our beeives are carefully placed in top secret spots around New Zealand, where the air’s clear and the Mānuka’s blooming. These pristine, remote locations are chosen for being surrounded by dense Mānuka bush and far from potential sources of pollution or contamination. This means that each batch of our Mānuka honey is the precious result of the unique terroir (soil, topography and climate) of the area where our honeybees are foraging. This can subtly influence the honey’s colour, viscosity and flavour.

Boxing clever
As easy on the planet as it is on the eye, our unique packaging is carefully designed to ensure your precious honey reaches you in tip top condition, with no need for polystyrene or bubble wrap. And every box is sealed at our packing facility with a tamper proof seal.

The True Honey Co. 500+ MGO, 250g & 400g