Salud Colloidal Silver Liquid

: SAL8-2L

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Product Description

10 ppm (parts per million). Our ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade solution and the basis of all our CS products. Available with tamper-proof cap or large pump sprayer for easy topical application.

Salud's ultra-pure premium-grade ionic Silver Colloid and the basis of all their CS products. SALUD Colloidal Silver is produced with uncompromising care in New Zealand from the purest obtainable materials. Salud Colloidal Silver is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment to produce products to an ultra-pure standard of medical A-grade purity.


Maintenance Dose:

Drink 10 mls (two metric teaspoons) a day, full strength or, if preferred, in a glass of water or juice.
Up to 50 mls (ten metric teaspoons) a day in 10 ml doses as directed by your health professional.
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