Low GL Diet Bible CD by Patrick Holford

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Patrick Holford’s low-GL Diet is the only diet that will seriously undamage your health. Unlike high-protein diets which may cause constipation or bad breath and even cancer, or low fat-diets which can cause skin or hair problems and lead to blood sugar issues, the only side effects of the low-GL diet are extra energy, better mood and memory, clearer skin.

Not only that, but by eating low-GL you can reduce your risk of some of the most prevalent diseases of the 21st century; diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The Low-GL Diet Bible goes into detail and provides scientific research about why this is the case, along with testimonials from people who have tried it for themselves and have the results to prove their health turnaround.

Weight loss and the ability to maintain your optimal weight is simply a side effect of giving your body optimum nutrition which is exactly what Patrick's low-GL Diet does. The results will leave you in optimum health, slim, mentally fit and glowing with vitality. And what's more it's a breeze to follow, with menus and wonderful recipes that are delicious as well as straightforward to prepare
Low GL Diet Bible CD by Patrick Holford